The quick calculator for the best telephone tariffs (incl. call by call)

With's quick calculator and just a few pieces of information, you can immediately find the cheapest telephone tariffs (call by call, callthrough, callback and prepaid cards). In the tariff calculator below, please choose your call destination, your type of access and your preferred billing unit. Further selection criteria are available in order to let you find the best tailored offers for you. The default selection is set to call by call.

Note: Prices for international calls can vary by up to a factor of hundred, depending on whether you are calling a fixed line or a mobile number. If you are unsure what kind of number you are calling, we recommend to choose an operator offering price information before connecting your call. With the prefix calculator on you can find out which network you are calling to.

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From 1st august 2012, price pre-announcements in call by call are mandatory.
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The filter excludes the following operators, whose prefixes differ only by a zero: 01012, 010012, 01017, 010017, 01029, 010029, 01040, 010040, 01049, 010049, 01052, 010052, 01057, 010057, 01058, 010058, 01088, 010088
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* if you select "All mobile networks" as your call destination, we will only consider operators offering the same price for all German mobile networks